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BravoVoucher Australia to give online users thousands of verified discount codes, offers, and deals directly from their main e-commerce platform. BravoVoucher is part of Bravo Savings Network, owned by WeBravo S.R.L.
The company has its operational headquarters in Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy and has been assisting people in saving money for over 5 years.

Bravo Savings Network

Bravo Savings Network’s international websites include:

  • BRAVOSCONTO.IT - Italy, launched in 2015
  • BRAVOPROMO.FR - France, launched in 2016
  • BRAVOGUTSCHEIN.DE - Germany, launched in 2017
  • BRAVOVOUCHER.CO.UK - United Kingdom, launched in 2017
  • BRAVODEAL.COM - United States of America, launched in 2018
  • BRAVODESCUENTO.ES - Spain, launched in 2019
  • BRAVOKUPONY.PL - Poland, launched in 2019
  • BRAVOGUTSCHEIN.AT - Austria, launched in 2021
  • BRAVOPROMO.BE - Belgium, launched in 2021
  • BRAVOKORTING.NL - Netherlands, launched in 2021
  • BRAVODESCUENTO.COM.MX - Mexico, launched in 2022
  • BRAVOCOUPONS.CA - Canada, launched in 2022
  • BRAVOGUTSCHEIN.CH - Switzerland, launched in 2022
  • BRAVOVOUCHER.COM - Australia, launched in 2023
  • BRAVOSLEVA.CZ - Czech Republic, launched in 2023

As of 2023, the company WeBravo S.R.L. owns these aforementioned websites dedicated to 15 different countries, however, their goal is to continue expansion and reach new communities to provide more people with exclusive codes and verified promotions.


In 2024, Marco Farnararo, Claudio Veratti and Michele Legnaioli founded BravoVoucher, the fourteenth website of Bravo Savings Network.
The Australian website, BravoVoucher, was introduced to allow users from all over Australia to save money by using discount codes and exclusive online promotions.
Bravo Savings Network has witnessed exponential growth over the years.
Today, the company employs an international operating team who aid in testing, verifying and inserting discount codes and offers to ensure that their users get the best experience.

Founders Farnararo, Veratti, and Legnaioli state, "For the name of the network we have decided to use one of the best-known Italian words in the world, in order to maintain a close link with our country of origin, but with a keen eye to internationalisation.”


BravoVoucher Australia’s ultimate goal is to help its users save money while enjoying online shopping.
On our website, we provide a wide range of deals, offers, and discount codes that are diligently verified by our staff, who work continuously to provide the end consumer with opportunities to save on their purchases.
On our website, we provide a wide range of deals, offers, and discount codes that are diligently verified by our staff, who work continuously to provide the end consumer with opportunities to save on their purchases. Our online promotions make it easy for users in Australia to purchase from their favourite e-commerce platforms, allowing them to save with just a few clicks. BravoVoucher hosts over 2,000 brands spanning various product sectors, including fashion, cosmetics, electronics, travel, food, furniture, experiences, cars and more.

The Founding Members

Claudio Veratti - Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Claudio Veratti - Co-CEO & Co-Founder

After years of experience in the LED lighting sector, Claudio Veratti decided he wanted to give life to a new company based on technology and innovation.
He met Michele Legnaioli and Marco Farnararo and together they founded WeBravo S.R.L., where he currently holds his position as Co-CEO.

Michele Legnaioli - Co-founder and Advisor
Michele Legnaioli - Co-founder and Advisor

Michele Legnaioli is one of the founding members of Webravo S.R.L. and today he remains involved in the company as a strategic consultant.
In Michele’s extensive career, he was a board member and served as president of several companies with significant influence on the national stage.

Marco Farnararo -  Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Marco Farnararo - Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Marco Farnararo is a highly experienced affiliate marketer with over 10 years of experience in the industry.
He currently holds the position of co-founder and CEO of WeBravo S.R.L., where he leads the company together with Claudio and Michele.


Bravo Savings Network’s data

  • Over 70 employees
  • Established in 1 countries
  • Over 4 million monthly visits
  • Over 2.5 million unique users per month

Bravo Best Price

Bravo Best Price is a browser extension created by Bravo Savings Network, that alerts users to available coupons, offers, and discounts valid on the website they are currently shopping on.
Bravo Best Price is available on Chrome and Firefox and allows each shopper to locate the best coupons and facilitates quick comparison of the offered discount codes and promotions.

Environmental commitments

At BravoVoucher, we have demonstrated care and respect toward green and environmental issues since the beginning. Starting from 2019, each Black Friday and Christmas we promote eco-sustainable shopping through all the sites of the network.
We are dedicated to our sustainable initiative Bravo For Oceans.
Our goal is to encourage a more careful and environmentally conscious consumer mentality, in an effort to make a contribution, though small, to the well-being of the planet. Our network, Bravo Savings Network, has also contributed to our goal in the past with the Green Friday initiative.

Green Friday

From 2019-2021, we collaborated with the non-profit organisation, Eden Reforestation Projects, which works to fight deforestation and improve the economic and social conditions of those populations in developing countries.

During these three years of important partnership, we managed to plant over 650,000 trees in ​​Kenya.

Bravo For Oceans

In 2022, we initiated the "Bravo For Oceans" project in collaboration with Ogyre, a forward-thinking startup with a social mission dedicated to the protection and cleaning of the ocean from 2020.

Ogyre works to combat sea pollution by both collecting littered plastic material, and providing support to fishing communities affected by the degradation of the aquatic ecosystem.

In our first year of collaboration with Ogyre, we contributed to the funding for the recovery of over 1,000 kilograms of marine litter, including plastic and other materials, in the waters of Italy, Brazil, and Indonesia.


Some of the top merchants who collaborate with BravoVoucher:

Contact Us

Email: contact@bravovoucher.com

Telephone: +39 055 0630040


  • Head Office: Via A. Gramsci, 446, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI