Bravo for Oceans

Bravo for Oceans

Participate in our effort to clean the oceans - your contribution is vital

Help us on our mission to remove 1,000 kg of marine litter from our Oceans!
Bravo for Oceans
Bravo for Oceans

What is the Bravo for Oceans initiative about?

BravoVoucher Australia has been an avid proponent of environmental responsibility since day one. We have dedicated our best efforts to contribute in making our planet cleaner. In past initiatives, we introduced the Green Friday event, successfully achieving our goal of planting a tree for every purchase on our platforms. To date, we have planted over 600,000 trees across various regions worldwide and our commitment to contributing to additional projects remains steadfast.

Our goal is to advocate for a sustainable method of shopping online, whilst also supporting environmental preservation. We are grateful that the startup company, Ogyre, agreed to partner with us and come on board in 2022 for a new project: Bravo for Oceans. This new mission is focused on the protection and conservation of the marine ecosystem.

Ogyre operates in Brazil, Indonesia, and Italy with two motives: to combat and eradicate marine pollution by removing the waste in our oceans, while simultaneously creating economic opportunities for local fishermen who play a crucial role in the responsible removal of debris. This is the strategy through which Ogyre will take to protect our oceans and the communities affected by the repercussions of pollution.

Bravo for Oceans

How can you contribute?

In 2023, we have chosen to continue with an international partner for a specific reason: our project is ambitious. We will require extensive assistance, and yours is of utmost importance to us. The goal remains the same this year: we have again agreed to collaborate with Ogyre to allocate funds for the removal of a minimum of 1,000 kgs of waste, including plastic and other contaminating materials, from the oceans of Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy. This waste removal will be carried out by local fishermen over the course of the next 12 months.

Just to give you a clearer picture of our mission, 1,000 kgs of plastic waste is the equivalent of 100,000 plastic bottles! How can you support Bravo for Oceans?

From November 24th to December 25th, 2023, you have the opportunity to make a purchase with one of our partner brands actively supporting the project. This contribution marks the second year of our important mission: to aid fishing communities worldwide and substantially diminish marine pollution, fostering a cleaner planet.

Join us in extending a helping hand and taking part in this project.

Legal Notices

Bravo Savings Network is owned by Webravo S.R.L.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ogyre (, Webravo S.R.L. will contribute to the recovery of marine waste.

The "fishing for litter" activity will be managed by Ogyre, and supported by a financial contribution paid by Webravo S.R.L. to Ogyre.

The agreement with Ogyre provides for an economic contribution equivalent to at least 1000kg of marine waste recovered in Italy, Brazil and Indonesia.

The achievement of the 1000kg goal, and the corresponding contribution, are guaranteed by Webravo S.R.L.

A selection of the brands present on the Bravo Savings Network group portals will also participate in the initiative.

If Ogyre is unable to complete its initiative, Webravo S.R.L. will donate the remaining funds to an alternative non-profit organisation that helps support the environment.